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RaceBox - телеметрия, произведена в България

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RaceBox is the most modern and precise way to measure the performance stats of your vehicle. Measuring 0-100km/h acceleration, 1/4 mile times or laps around your favorite race circuit has never been easier. Join the RaceBox family today and all this will be just a press of a button away from you. RaceBox uses the latest generation GPS. This provides an outstanding accuracy and positioning - as low as 25cm running on the internal antenna. Combined with the purpose-built hardware, RaceBox has mind-blowing performance - over 99.5% measurement accuracy to a hundred of a second, compared to official lap/drag timing equipment. RaceBox is absolutely standalone device. You don't need anything more than what comes inside the box. Unbox it, mount it and enjoy the complete experience right away. In the box you get the device itself, windshield suction cup mount, charging cable and an external GPS antenna for even better precision.
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RaceBox - телеметрия, произведена в България
RaceBox - телеметрия, произведена в БългарияRaceBox - телеметрия, произведена в БългарияRaceBox - телеметрия, произведена в БългарияRaceBox - телеметрия, произведена в БългарияRaceBox - телеметрия, произведена в България
DRAG METER Two predefined modes - "Distance" and "Speed" for quick access to standard measurements (which points will change according to your preferred units), and extra "Custom" one for you to configure. Each tracks up to four metrics, such as 0-60mph, 1/4 mile, etc. The most interesting and powerful "Custom" mode lets you define your own set of points. You will have unlimited combinations of speed, distance points and units at you disposal - measure 60ft, 0-60mph, 400 meters and 100-200kph together, all in one run. No other device currently offers that flexibility. Also train your reaction times with RaceBox "Christmas tree" functionality, available in all modes. And let us not forget the so important "1ft rollout" in the drag discipline - you can enable or disable it for all the modes, it’s up to you. LAP TIMER Load a predefined track with the mobile app from our database - over 2000 race tracks all around the world with splits, start/finish lines, different configuration and more. Or create your own custom track/configuration with as much as 4 split lines. While driving you will be presented with current lap and lap time for it, your live speed, last and best times and colorful pop-ups for every point that you cross (split, start/finish) with the difference from your best time in the session. All that information is perfectly arranged and balanced so you can glance it without losing sight of your driving line. Combined with even more features such as our "Predictive Mode" which lets you see just how fast exactly are you at any given point on the circuit and thanks to the unmatched visualization and UI, RaceBox is just a step above the competition.